A trip out with the kids to Whitby

Hi guys, Dan checking in again. This is just a little update on a day out we had to Whitby this weekend. Whitby is a lovely little town on the north-east coast of England, and is the home to Dracula, Captain Cook and Fish and Chips!

Emma, the girls and I live about 20 minutes away from Whitby and like to go down on the weekends – it’s a beautiful little town with cobbled streets and lots of really nice little shops that Emma really likes.


We pulled in at about 9:00am and headed to Church Street, the main cobbled street of Whitby that lead up the famous 199 steps. We popped into to a place called the Hair and Walrus, which is furnished around Alice and Wonderland and had THE BEST cream scones.

After we had our fill we marched up the 199 steps (dragging our two year old all the way!) and took a look around Whitby Abbey. It was a beautiful day and Rachael had loads of fun running after the seagulls and made a friend almost instantly with another couple of girls, which was a nice distraction for us!

After all this excitement we were pretty exhausted, but we had time to take a look through the jet shops, this one was gorgeous so if you’re in Whitby make sure to take a look around and let them know Dan sent you!

That’s it for now folks, until next time.


Google Chromecast Review

Hi guys, how are you all? The weather is beautiful here in Yorkshire, and I’ve been taking advantage by staying in and binge watching Orange is the New Black! It’s a killer show, and Netflix has been putting out some great content recently, so if you haven’t seen it already check it out.

Today I wanted to give a little tech review of a cool new device I’ve just picked up, Google’s new Chromecast. For those of you who don’t know this is a new USB sized device that allows you to ‘cast’ what you ware watching on your PC or iPad onto your TV without needing a HDMI cable.

The Chromecast just connects to your Wi-fi to pair your PC and the device, and then whatever you have on your Chrome browser is sent directly to your TV. You just download an app onto your Chrome Browser and press the chrome button to stream whatever you are viewing. The device also looks really cool; the device that connects to the TV looks very nice and saves a lot on loose wires.

The only downside is that only what you are viewing on Chrome browser can be streamed onto your TV, and things like powerpoint or excel or movies you are watching on Quicktime etc can’t be streamed. Saying this, there is a new beta version that allows you to steam any page, although it’s a bit buggy.

The Chromecast is only £30, and for that price I think this is totally worth it, and you can check it out here:


The best toys for keeping the kids occupied in the summer

Hey guys, how are you all? Dan checking in again. How are you all? After my last post on the Google Chromecast, I wanted to show you all the toys we’ve been picking up to get the girls (and ourselves!) outside. These are all really cool and fun, with some them just costing a few pounds and other are a bit more expensive. I’ve put links to all of them, and if you click on them they will take you to Amazon.co.uk if you want more info.


Swingball Pro – £29.99


This is a classic game for the kids, and I remember my brother and I used to play with this on the farm I grew up on all the time. We picked up one for my eldest daughter and she loves it.


iScoot Pro Mini Scooter – £44.99


These little scooters seem to be really popular at my girls’ school right now, so of course we had not choice but to get her one too! They are actually really cool, and they scoot home on the scoot run without me having to drag/carry them all the way! If you’re looking for more cool scooters there’s a really good guide here: http://scootr.co.uk/best-stunt-scooters/


6’ Ocean Play Pool – £11.95


At £12 this is a steal, and way better then the blow up pools we’ve had in the past. The sides just pop up and once we filled this baby up the girls we’re happy for hours. Also great as an aquarium when the kids aren’t in there!


8’ ft Trampoline – £99.95


These are a little expensive but a great investment, and if you make sure you get them covered in winter (and tied down in case of high winds!) they’re a blast. The one we picked up, linked, has an enclosure which is a must if you don’t want children flying around the garden.


Welcome to my new blog!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog! Just to introduce myself, I am Daniel Godbold and I’m a Dad to two daughters, a beautiful 2 year old Sarah and Rachael my wild but equally lovely 6 year old. These two keep my partner Emma and I on our toes but we love our time together.

I live in the countryside in North Yorkshire on the moorland and often go hiking up into the forest and checking out little teashops in all of the fantastic villages around here.


This blog will have my ramblings about fatherhood, days out with my family, reviews on toys and tech and whatever else I feel like writing about that day! I love tech and will post updates on all my newest toys! I’ll also be letting you know about any cool toys I pick up for my kids, as I usually end up playing with them as much as my two rascals!

I look forward to connecting with other Dads and Mums, sharing tips on parenting and sharing my adventures. If you would like to contact me about collaborating, or just want to chat about anything, just drop me an email on and I’ll be happy to talk.

That’s it for now, signing off.